5 Stages of Growing Through Grief

Kelli Horn

  1. Grieve the way you want

  • Know what to expect
  • Don’t ignore your grief
  • Don’t let anyone take your grief away from you
  • Run to Jesus
  • Be determined to “keep on keeping on” daily
  1. Ask God “Why?”

  • When the pain is deep, “Why?” is the most natural question to ask
  • Jesus Christ asked God “Why”?
  • God does not owe you an answer
  • Even if He gave you an answer, you would more than likely disagree
  • As we search for the answer, our goal is to develop a relationship with The Answer
  1. Keep living

  • Never use your life challenge as a crutch
  • Get out of bed every day
  • Keep up family responsibilities and relationships
  • Be grateful for those who are still alive in your life
  • Treasure the breath of life you have at this moment
  1. Reach out to others

  • Remember the love, encouragement, and comfort you have received
  • Pass it on
  • It is extra meaningful to receive encouragement from others who are also hurting
  • Turn on your microphone
  • Have an outreach plan, and inreach plan, if necessary
  1. Sing it loud and proud

  • Never waste your life challenge education
  • Take inventory of the treasures God has given you
  • Live a life of significance from this day forward
  • Rediscover your melody
  • Sing through the storm, like never before

5 thoughts on “5 Stages of Growing Through Grief

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  1. Good Morning Kelli,

    Since the beginning of 2018 I walked in to a situation that don’t same to be going away anytime soon. I decided to follow a plan to help me go through what I am going through now. And I can accross! What you said time doesn’t heal but God does, and the 5 Stages of Growing Through Grief. I read through them and trying to use them to help me up with what I am going through now. I am praying for the Lord to see me through. It good to know people like you exist!!


    1. Mayatu, I am so glad you found this encouraging. Following the stages is not always easy but they are guaranteed to bring you closer to Christ. He WILL see you through! I pray you will continue to run to Him day after day, even when you don’t feel like it. He is worth it! ❤️🎁


  2. I have spent eight years trying to find away to be over this pain of losing my only child . I am blessed to have her five children and now even one great grand daughter. Still have a 14 and 12 year old at home. I know that I will never get over this missing part of my heart but since accepting Christ I am in a whole new light.

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    1. Hi Pat. I am SO sorry for your loss. Your life will never be the same! And what a treasure you are to raise her children!!! I am glad you accepted Christ as I have found that most people either run TO or FROM Jesus in deeply painful times!!! I will be honest though…even with Him, there is still much pain, it just means you have Someone to walk through it with you. Hope you will read A Child Loaned blog on this website. It is a poem my parents read at my 22-year-old sister’s funeral years ago. I also hope you will feel free to join my new Facebook page “Kelli’s Grief Page” which I need to link up to this website. I hope you will run to Jesus with your deep pain and make the most of the short time on earth you have left with your family. Please keep in touch! 😘


  3. I’m a young lady who has gone through so much in this world. I have gone through pain of losing both of my parents. I have also encountered losing the place I call home due to fire outbreaks. Am still in grief with this. I have prayed to God and sometimes I tend to think that He isn’t receptive enough. Ooh am still struggling but I thank God i came across this encouraging word. It reminds me that God still loves me. With the five stages I shall overcome. Help me pray about the issue


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