Sleeping With The Enemy

He was supposed to be destroying the enemy, but instead he was sleeping with it.

Samson, the man mentioned in the book of Judges in the Holy Bible, was supposed to be set apart to God from birth until death and start the deliverance of the Israelites from the cruel oppression of the Philistines.

His life was ruled by the Nazarite vow, which meant he was not allowed to cut his hair.  If his head were shaved, his supernatural strength would leave him, and then he would have equal strength with everyone else around him.

So what was the problem?  He was led by his eyes, instead of his vow.

Philistine women caught his attention and captured his affection.  Therefore, he was unable to be grateful for his awesome calling to greatness for the Lord

He could not deliver His people from the enemy, because he was always hanging out with them.

His parents warned him about three separate Philistine women and he refused to listen to their warnings.  They knew that their love for idols would turn his heart away from The Lord.  But he wanted what he wanted and he was not about to listen to anyone.

He enjoyed the prestige of being set apart as the strongest man in the world at the time, but was not interested in fulfilling the reason he was given unimaginable strength.

As a result, the last of the three women, Delilah, betrayed him and delivered him into the hands of the Philistines.  He was their prized possession and made life miserable for him.  They gouged his eyes out, binded him to shackles, and made life extremely difficult for him in the prison.

I wonder what was going through Samson’s mind during this time.

Was she worth it?  Was sleeping with the enemy as satisfying  as he expected?

As the performance at Sight and Sound theater in Branson portrayed, sin causes us to be stupid.  It makes us risk our most valuable relationships – God and family – for things that will eventually bring us heartache in the end.

He thought Delilah would bring him happiness, and in the end she cared nothing for him, while he lost both of his eyes through torture, damaged his relationship with God, and eventually died with the Philistines.

One final point that was also mentioned in the show is that Samson, even though he lived a life of self-indulgence actually made the Heroes of Faith List in Hebrews 11…because of grace.

That same grace is available to all of us if we will cry out to the Lord and ask for it…and we can strive to fulfill God’s special calling for our personal lives.

(If you would like to read the full account, please see Judges 13-16)

For more information on these Bible stage performances, please see



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  1. Wow! Sleeping with the enemy, the story of Samson, is really powerful stuff. I love the Lord Jesus and know the Bible well but I never thought of the story of Samson quite like that! Made a huge impression and a new way to pray for people. I lost some love ones who decided to sleep with the enemy and my grief is great but as you know God is faithful. He is so amazing! I pray God‘s Blessing on all you do.


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