What To Expect

Hi everyone. My name is Kelli Horn and I started this blog to encourage and inspire YOU in your life journey, which consists of your relationship with God, your family and friends and how you spend your 9-5 each day. And, along the way, we all encounter life challenges and distractions that can take away from our quality of life, so we all need hope and encouragement along the way. Finally, because life is short and the clock is always ticking, I want to help ensure we use our time wisely and reach our personal, professional, and spiritual goals throughout our lives. Hope you will join me as we can share our ideas and thoughts and regularly encourage one another!


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  1. Hi Kelli,
    This is Kristi Corlett McCullough. I found your blog and information of Facebook. I would love to read your book. Is it out yet? I have had a great amount of loss in a short amount of time too. I lost my parents and three brothers all within 10 years of each other and my sister 10 years prior to that. The only way I have made it through is by my relationship with Jesus! I would love to read your book and see you sometime!

    God bless!



  2. Hey there Kristi! I am so glad to hear from you. I am so sorry to hear about your losses, but I am so glad you are enjoying a great relationship with the Lord. There is NO way I would have made it through my grief without Him. My book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Westbow Press and it is available on this website as well under “Purchase Book”. I would love to hear your feedback…and I would love to get together with you as well!


  3. Only holding on to Jesus have I got this far…when my husband died a part of me died too. Almost 3 years I’m not thru this yet..with this time frame lost mom and dad, have twin daughters both needed liver transplants one got a liver 2017 the other on the list. They are identical and both suffer from PBC it’s autoimmune disease..Ive been sick with automine hemolytic anemia and dealing with losing my sight..im 79 years old..


    1. Hi Dolores. I am so sorry for everything you are going through. I agree with you…if not for Christ, I can’t imagine how worse it would be. So thankful you scan run to Him for comfort, love through the pain, hope for each day, and a purpose (though extremely painful) of growing closer to Him. Hugs and prayers!


  4. My name is Jim. I started a roofing business which I know the Lord led me to. I’ve been in it for a little over 2 years now with some highs and lows. Mostly lows. I haven’t given up yet because I know that God put me here. I also have family issues I won’t go into now. It’s been a long struggle. I know that theirs a reason for all of this and theirs a purpose. I’ll be honest though, I have lost sight of that purpose and have to get it back. Not giving up on God


  5. Holding on Jesus has been my only option following a miserable relationship breakdown in my church. There were some Ines I felt I couldn’t make it. Lost faith along the way my ran to healthy minds.

    Through it all I herd the Lord said hold on an I will never let go. Through it all I have learn to trust in Hos healing. So looking forward to read your book as I continue healing.


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