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Kelli Bressman Horn’s life is a wonderful example of one who knows that the clouds eventually ‘go away’ and that the sun, always there, ‘comes shining through’. In Singing Through The Storm, she writes of personal losses she survived because the One who made us also holds us close to His heart. She offers excellent suggestions to help us ‘sing’ even when dealing with life’s difficulties. – Clarence G. Oliver, Jr., Ed.D., Author, Historian, Educator, Soldier, Emeritus Professor and Former University Dean, Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce
Several years ago I received a card from Kelli Horn. When I opened it, brilliant confetti flew everywhere. Her brother and my coworker, Bobby, walked by and I mentioned that the card and the confetti were from Kelli. He said, “Yes, that’s my sister!” Apparently he was accustomed to her colorful and expressive gestures.
I smile every time I think about that card. So many shiny pieces scattered everywhere. They were like a fresh wind blowing through my highly organized, tightly focused day.
Kelli has every right, by this world’s value system, to squelch any hint of breeze or to live as destructively as an Oklahoma tornado. She has known more personal loss than anyone should have to. However, she and her family are role models for how to keep on keeping on when life hits you with its worst possible combination of punches. She teaches us to sing the laments, the love, and the hope of real life lived in the light of ultimate reality.
Resilience is not learned by reading books. Neither are muscles strengthened by looking at photos of well-conditioned athletes. However, you need to read this book to prepare you for building the muscles of perseverance in the tough times that lie ahead. Fortify yourself to lift up others when they receive wounds from the painful incidents of life.
Learn what to say, what not to say, and how to sing in times of grief and recovery. Know what to believe and what to reject in times of sorrow. Discover that you can laugh and celebrate life again even in the darkest nights of your souls. When this becomes your reality, you too will blow brilliant confetti of loving smiles into the lives of others – David Bowman, DMin, Executive Director, Tarrant Baptist Association
Kelli Horn is a “love gift” from God in the lives of many, including myself. Her ability to “sing through the storm”, (loud and proud, I might add) is reflected by the lyrics she has chosen to incorporate in her life’s song. I love the symbolism of the book’s title as the melodies of music touch every emotion and the lyrics speak to us and for us. They bring us laughter and joy, soothe us in times of despair, or if need be, help us to cry, and bring us closer together and to God.
On a daily basis, Kelli embodies the life challenge lessons and knowledge she has gained and shares, for the benefit of others, through this book. In the verses of her song, she gives us guidance steps for grief recovery; in the chorus, the keys to persevere through the storms, and in the bridge, the transition, the contrast, and the right to have a personal component to our grief.
Kelli is a highly motivated individual with an infectious positive attitude and a caring heart. She is a respected Health Information Management professional. As an educator, she helps other achieve their goals for professional growth. Additionally, she and her sister provide activities and support for those who have recently experienced grief through the loss of a loved one. Please let Kelli’s experience help you or someone you know with the journey through grief. – Sandy Smith, RHIA, CCS, Director of Health Information Technology Program, Tulsa Community College, Previous AHIMA Educator of the Year recipient
You will find much wisdom and many jewels while reading Singing Through The Storm. Kelli has a unique life story, in which she chose to press forward and learn so much through tragedy. Her readers will receive practical advice and will be able to apply her suggestions immediately, while greatly improving their own personal grief experience. – Kim Niles, Author of Getting Your Breath Back After Life Knocks It Out Of You and YouVersion Grief Bites devotionals
Every time I read any portion of Kelli’s book, I end up in tears. Not always sad tears, some, but mostly really, really proud tears! I am so honored to be a part of her professional journey through the past many years. Watching her absorb information and knowledge like the world’s biggest sponge was, and is, quite impressive and continues to keep me in awe!
There was never a doubt in my mind if I was making the right decision by allowing her the opportunity to be promoted into a coding position from a clerical position many moons ago. Sure there would be extensive training and education required to get through the professional growing pains and learning curve, but I new I had the right woman for that undertaking.
She is one of the most ambition, drive, and dedicated people I know. The skill set and character traits she exhibits in every task, every day, leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that she will face each goal head on with at least 110% effort.
A true testimony to this face is all the trials and tribulations that she has faced and dealt with in her young life. Honestly, most people would have given up and lost their self in their grief. Through her faith and strength, she continues to persevere and “keep on keeping on”.
Through her perseverance and conscious eye on her targets, she has checked many goals off her professional to-do-list and, if I know her like I think I do, then her list of professional and spiritual goals will never end. She will continue to absorb information and always strive to expand her knowledge base and then share that information with others.
Sharing her life story and experiences in this book will reach, support, motivate, and inspire so many people. There are so many examples that can demonstrate to people dealing with grief, professional, career, or spiritual struggles and challenges how it is possible to persevere through the tough times, or as she says so perfectly “sing through the storm”! – Christy Matheson, RHIA, CCS, Director of Shared Coding Services, Ardent Health Services (currently Vice President, Coding, Medical Record Associates)

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