Wisdom From Dumbo


“The very things that held you down are going to carry you up.” – Dumbo

Little Thought:

That’s right, you heard it first from an elephant.  Grief, the very thing that causes us to become down and depressed, is also the very thing that can cause us to rise again.  Not initially, but over a period of time.  First, grief must carry out its painful work in our life and we must face it and embrace it.  Then, we will notice that things start happening in us and, little by little, we start finding hope.  Finally, after hope sticks it head around for a while, we are able to keep on keeping on in daily life activities THROUGH the grief, while it is still present.

Baby Step:

What one thing is causing the most emotional havoc in your life right now…that if you do not gain control of it pretty quickly, it is going to gain control of you?  What is one small step you can do today to be proactive and keep on keeping on?

Keeping On,


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